Covid Procedures for Volunteers

Charlie’s New Covid Procedures for Volunteers    

If you feel unwell please stay at home, if necessary, please contact 111

If you deem yourself to be in the vulnerable category you must make the decision yourself if you wish to return to Volunteer

Please ensure during the day you increase your hand washing and hand sanitizing

Ring bell on arrival, Annie or Jo will carry out a temperature check

Wipe feet on the medi mat and then wipe on the second mat

Use Hand Sanitizer on wall

When upstairs go through the No Entry door

Make your way to Store Cupboard where you will find the lockers

Place all personal items in a locker

Place on (New Uniform) Tabard, Plastic Apron, Face Mask (Volunteer) Mask and Visor (Volunteer Therapist)

Use Hand Sanitiser

Follow one-way signs to go to the allocated room

Each room has a tray with hand sanitizer and cleaning equipment, please make yourself familiar with this

Volunteer Helpers

One person to do tea/coffee

Hand sanitizing in between each serving

Disposable cups to be used, Bottles of Water available

Meet and Greet Volunteer

Each person that arrives will ring the bell

Please go to member at front door and carry out a temperature check

Write Members name and contact telephone number in Contact Trace Book

Ask member questions in Track and Trace Book and Complete

Please advise them to use the mats and hand sanitizer

Give a plastic bag for them to put belongings in such as: handbag/coat etc

If Stair lift is used please guide the person, only help if they grant you permission to do so

Maintaining a distance please guide the member to the allocated room

If member has an appointment with a therapist take to therapist room

If here for a social distance talk please take to room where Volunteer is in

Volunteer to then wipe down handrail and doors with disinfectant wipe in between greeting each person

Volunteer Social/Talkers

Many members may wish to come in and chat this can be done in rooms whilst maintaining social distancing, this will be limited to 45mins per person


On arrival in room please make yourself familiar with the Sanitising station, use Hand sanitiser

Place on plastic apron

Place disposable covering on therapy table and pillow

If necessary, ask member to remove shoes and put in box provided

Ask member to sanitise hands

Member can bring own blanket

Carry out treatment for 30 mins only

After 30 mins

Member to put on shoes, hand sanitise, bottles of water can be given

Volunteer to hand sanitize and take member to top of stairs to guide out and follow signs

Remove disposable covering on therapy table and pillow place into bin

Wipe over bed with disinfectant wipes

Use spray provided and leave the room with door open to air for 20 mins before returning

Wash hands in Art Room and Sanitize

Procedure to be carried out after each member


Volunteers will need to bring their own food if required and can be eaten in the Kitchen only

Drinks will be supplied as normal in disposable cups and bottles of water


Return to locker to collect items

Uniform and Visor to be taken off at locker and taken home, tabard to be washed, if own mask please wash or if disposable please dispose of

The centre will be cleaned each day after it is used with a deeper clean each weekend

First Aid to only be administered in a medical emergency