Ways to Fundraise

If you can support Charlie’s by holding your own fundraising event, with our support please get in touch. We are always looking for corporate sponsorships from local employers, please put us in touch with anyone that may be interested. Most employers support a local charity for the year, please feel free to nominate us.

We are always open to consider offering new therapies and support so if you would like to join our friendly team please get in touch.

Our volunteers pay a vital part in Charlie’s with approx. 35 Volunteers all playing an important role in ensuring we provide holistic therapies, meet and greet, making tea and coffee, and the much needed emotional support to anyone that walks through our doors, the centre would not be able to run without them.

Try These Fundraising Activities


    Volunteer work is important for your health. The Corporation for National and Community Service says that volunteering improves psychological and physical health. Volunteers reap the benefits of feeling a personal sense of accomplishment while building social networks that, in turn, support them in times of stress.


    Fundraising made easy, please let us know about your fundraising ideas and we can set up a fundraising page for you on our website with a direct link to Donate to Charlie’s with no fees involved. Whether you are being crazy jumping out of a plane, completing a crazy 24hr fitness event, from cake selling, to car washing please let us know your idea and we will support you.


    No event is to small if you have an idea and want to help us fundraise please get in touch.

    Volunteers play a vital part at Charlie’s without them we would not be able to run our centre. Please contact us if you can spare some time to volunteer your services. Please contact Rebecca our volunteer co-ordinator on 01452 939000 or use the form bellow